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Friday, March 14, 2014

Simplest way to add soundtrack to video file (ffmpeg)

Avidemux is a great program to process video but when it comes to sound it just sucks big time.I recently wanted to add a soundtrack to a video file.I struggled for hours,read extensively in various sites,tried every possible settings combination, but to no avail.Nothing worked.So I decided to give it a try with ffmpeg.

I am not a big fan of ffmpeg because it has tons of settings and commands you can need to learn and I wouldn't know what to do with most of them.So,I tried to find a command as simple as possible to join a soundtrack with a video file.And this what I came up with:

sudo ffmpeg -i videofile.avi vcodec copy acodec copy soundfile.mp3 output.avi

And that worked like a charm!

explanation of commands.
-i stands for input
vcodec is the video codec
acodec is the audio codec

Maybe it's time to switch to ffmpeg or so it seems.

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